Ordinary Membership/Full Membership

  1. Full membership of the Union shall be open to all teachers in The Gambia
  2. Members who are pursuing further studies locally and overseas shall retain their membership of the Union;
  3. Any retired teacher who returns to active service (contract) can become a full member but will not be eligible to hold office;
  4. Members who take full time appointment with the Union shall retain their membership.

Associate Members

They shall include staff of the Union and other members as determined by the National Executive Committee.

Honorary Membership
Honorary membership shall be conferred by the NEC on retired teachers who have in one way or the other contributed immensely to the development of the GTU.


Student Membership
Student teachers may be enrolled as student members on such terms and conditions as the NEC may prescribe from time to time. A student in training who is recognized as a teacher shall not be entitled to a rank as a student member.

Members shall pay a membership due as determined by congress;

An agency fee equivalent to the fees paid by members shall be levied on staff of the Union and associate members as determined by the National Executive Committee of the Union;

Membership dues shall be determined by congress


Ordinary full members shall have the right to attend meetings of their district branches; to vote on motions and at elections and ballots; to seek election as officers of the Branch or as delegates to District Committees or Congresses or other offices of the Union.

They will be entitled to receive union journals, magazines and newsletters; advice on professional matters, legal aid and advice and other benefits and facilities as may be negotiated for union members from time to time.


The following shall be eligible for admission as ordinary members:

All qualified teachers in public and private schools.

Teachers in tertiary institutions.

Teachers who are Education Officers or hold administrative positions.

Teachers in nursery schools.

Any other category or categories of teachers as may be defined by the National Executive Committee (NEC).