Marie Antoinette Corr-General Secretary, Gambia Teachers’ Union

As we approach the conduct of the presidential elections on Saturday 4th
December 2021, The Gambia Teachers’ Union hereby urges all teachers
and students to participate in this national duty. However, you are all urged
to exercise your civic right in tranquility and peace. We must all remember
that we owe it to our country and posterity to ensure a peaceful election. As
teachers, we have a moral duty to educate our communities on the effects
of chaotic elections and its impact on the economy and peaceful co-
Consequently, the Gambia Teachers’ Union encourages all teachers to
uphold this moral duty throughout the conduct of the elections and
thereafter. As teachers, we must always promote peace and tranquility as
no meaningful progress can be attained in the absence of peace.
Finally, the National Executive of the Gambia Teachers’ Union urges all
teachers, students, education workers and the general public at large to
return to their homes after casting their votes and wait for the official
We must all remember that we have the future of this nation hung on our
shoulders. Collectively, we must ensure that the peace the country is
known for is nurtured for posterity.


Marie Antoinette Corr
General Secretary